Perfect paint job in the Emerald Isle!

Perfect paint job in the Emerald Isle!

KP Industries have come up with a unique solution for an automotive supply chain business in Ireland.

We have installed a £250,000 bespoke conveyor system at C&F Automotive in the Irish Republic in a deal which will benefit top-end car manufacturers.

This was the first project between the two companies and its successful delivery on time after 12 weeks has led to the two agreeing on a new contract in mainland Europe supplying a similar solution for C&F’s continental manufacturing outlets.

Using state-of-the-art 3D CAD technology to design the conveyors in-house, CAD designers at KPI used the latest software to build the concept on-screen before handing over to the engineers on the shop floor to deliver the product.

C&F Automotive required a dipping system for a specialist coating technology they use on their trims for cars to improve their corrosion resistance capability to overcome particular market conditions seen by various OEM manufacturers.

The conveyors were manufactured at KP Industries at its Rochdale base before being transported across the Irish Sea to C&F’s Automotive headquarters in Co Westmeath.

Allan Hodgeon, Operations Manager at KP Industries, said: “All projects provide a challenge in terms of logistics and this one was no different because not only did we have to transport the system several hundred miles to Ireland in several parts but the customer needed a system which would consistently withdraw the components from the coating tank at a set speed.

“This meant we had to work with one of our partners, ISS, who build bespoke ovens and coating tanks which would work in tandem with conveyor system.

“The uniqueness of this project and its complexity has resulted in C&F using KP Industries and our expertise for another project which we are delighted about and we look forward to starting on this.”

Mike Young, Business Unit Manager at C&F Automotive, said: “I think what was interesting in this partnership with KP Industries was that the technology developed had never been done before and KPI met this challenge extremely well and on time.”

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