KP Industries generate complex pro-line move for global giant

KP Industries generate complex pro-line move for global giant

KP Industries generate complex pro-line move for global giant

A North West manufacturing company has engineered a hi-tech move for a global technology giant.

KP Industries delivered the six-figure contract for its customer, Cummins Generator Technologies, a multi-billion dollar leading manufacturer of alternators for generator sets used in such applications as hospitals and large industrial buildings which require prime or critical back-up power.

Cummins’ management team wanted to move all production under one roof and approached KPI for its expertise in solving logistical problems. The Rochdale firm were able to deliver the £400,000 project cementing a number of long-term projects following its success.

Using state-of-the-art 3D CAD technology to design the conveyors in-house, CAD designers at KPI used the latest software to build the concept on-screen before handing over to the engineers on the shop floor to deliver the product. The finished system took the alternators from the start to finish of the production cycle, including numerous and robust test stages.

As well as the conveying system, KPI installed two unique pieces of innovative handling equipment alongside the flow line which automated stages of the assembly and improved the safety for its operators.

KPI sent engineering experts to Cummins Generator Technologies’ UK manufacturing facility in Stamford, UK to work in collaboration with its in-house engineers in order to install the floor conveyor to its precise measurements. The unique system delivers the 10-tonne alternators to within 5mm to allow for coupling up to a test rig before final assembly.

Phil Cornell, managing director of KP Industries, said: “Despite the complexity of the product and having to work within exact measurements, this was a very exciting project to be involved in. This project was all about precision and detail and this is something we are proud of at KP Industries and we are delighted with the result.

“This project has proved to be such a success that we have helped Cummins with a number of other projects over recent months which has led to us cementing a good relationship with the business and we look forward to working on more projects together.”

Editor’s notes

About KP Industries:
KPI was founded in 2003 by Phil Cornell, the present managing director, to provide a complete service for the automation industry, specialising in supplying automated handling conveyors and special materials handling equipment to an increasingly competitive market. The company is experienced and has personnel with a wealth of design, manufacture and technical expertise to provide services across the industry, operating from its Rochdale factory headquarters. The base has recently been expanded after the company purchased a 5,000 sq ft test facility on the same industrial estate. Last year KPI had a record turnover of £3.0 million and has also worked with a number of household names including JCB and Jaguar Land Rover.

About Cummins Generator Technologies:

Cummins Generator Technologies designs and manufactures premium quality alternators up to 11,000 kVA under the STAMFORD® and AvK® brands. Internationally renowned for built-in quality, its alternators set the standard for ruggedness, reliability and versatility. The company has several manufacturing facilities located in India, China and Europe, ensuring superior customer support across the world.