A beacon of good business!

A beacon of good business!

KP Industries has been described as a “beacon of business” following its record-breaking year.

We celebrated breaking £3million in orders over the past 12 months and have been praised by the business community for its commitment to excellence in both quality products and its ethical approach to the industry.

Since 2011 Phil has been working with business mentor and chair of the Rochdale Executive Boardroom, Malcolm Gallagher, who introduced the business to the concept of a Balance Scorecard which helps them formulate a plan to become more successful in the procurement process.

Once reserved for the larger corporate businesses, the scorecard is now gaining momentum with smaller and medium-sized enterprises. It has helped KPI secure contracts with the likes of Leyland Trucks, JCB, Balmoral Ltd and international business in the past 12 months alone.

Malcolm said: “Phil had a harder task than most because his background isn’t man-agement, it’s from the shop floor so he didn’t come equipped with the same attrib-utes as other business leaders.

“But through his work with various business groups KP Industries has become a beacon of business and a shining example of how smaller companies should be conducting themselves.

“Obviously quality is important for the supply chain but businesses now want to do business with companies who treat their employees well, have ethics and are com-mitted to work in their community. KPI and Phil have this is droves.”

KPI has been involved in promoting and organising the Rochdale Skills Event which saw more than 2,000 school children from the local area taking part in a number of skill-based manufacturing activities.

Phil is also a member of the Rochdale Business Hub which forms part of the Greater Manchester Business Community and is the current Member of the Year for the Academy of Chief Executives.

He said: “As a motivator for getting your business where you want it to go, the Balance Scorecard has been invaluable. It gave us direction, it gave us purpose and has delivered some great results for KPI.

“Malcolm has been a constant support to the business and without his help we would not have delivered the success we have.

“The transformation of the business since his input has been immense and we take onboard everything we have learnt and drive forward to achieve even more success on the back of this year. There are exciting times ahead for the manufacturing industry in the UK and we want to play a big part in it.”

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